These are some of my favorite libations, including one that was named after me: the Brown Lithuanian.

Brown Lithuanian

This was the creation of some friends at the South End Grill. It's pretty sweet, but not a bad shot.


Chocolate Vodka (Van Gogh)
Vanilla Liquer (McGillicuddy's)
Raspberry Liquer (Razzmatazz)
Coffee Liquer (Starbuck's)


Blend one part of each over ice and enjoy.

Blue Sapphire Martini

Having been born in Bombay, I feel a special affinity with this particular martini. For the blue martini, you need decent blue cheese stuffed olives, which you can get at Trader Joe's. However, the best are when you stuff the olives yourself.


Bombay Sapphire Gin
Dry Vermouth (Martini and Rossi)
Blue Cheese stuffed olives


Fill a martini shaker with ice, add a splash of vermouth, shake and drain off the excess. Then pour 3 oz. of Gin into the shaker. Shake vigorously and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with several blue cheese stuffed olives.

Vodka Pickle

Half my family is from Lithuania, where they drink vodka with pickles. Some people are skeptical, but I haven't met anyone who didn't like it after trying it.


3 oz. Vodka (preferably Kristaline from Lithuania)
1 dill pickle


Chill the vodka if desired. Pour it neat into a small coffee mug. Cut the pickle. Toast "sveikata!" Swig about half the cup. Eat half the pickle. Drink the rest and finish the pickle.

West Indian Chai

The name is such because of mixing an East Indian tea with West Indian booze. It's basically spiking your chai with a little rum. Awesome in the winter.


6 oz. Hot Chai Tea
2 oz. Rum


Pour the chai over the rum in a coffee cup. Drink.

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